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Pond Hockey BrewWhat is it that makes hockey players and fans so tough?


Is it that losing a few teeth doesn’t mean missing a shift?


Is it that 3 feet of snow doesn’t mean canceling a game?


Or is it a shared understanding that no one is bigger than our game?


At PHB we are life long hockey players and fans.  Our 1000’s of personal connections in the sport have taught us that no one is more dependable than “hockey people.”


Pond Hockey Brew started in a garage with two former hockey players trying to create the perfect game day brew.  


During that meeting we noticed how the hockey puck sitting between our beer glasses naturally led us to reminiscing over past on ice battles.


Within days we were drilling open 100’s of pucks on our garage drill press crafting our first hockey bottle openers.


Since then we’ve been on a mission to bring products to hockey fans worldwide: products that allow us to share that game day feeling when we are away from the rink.


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PHB subscribers get discounts, giveaways on PHB approved gear, early access to new product releases, as well as guides and articles you won’t find anywhere else.


Our passion for our sport is a unique bond that we share.  We believe that bond deserves products that epitomize our camaraderie, work ethic, and toughness.